Internal Bleaching

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What is Internal Bleaching?

Internal bleaching is the process of bleaching a tooth from the inside out. Internal bleaching is typically recommended for patients who have teeth that have internal staining typically caused by:

  • a structural defect within the tooth
  • a dying tooth
  • blood and other bodily fluids penetrating the tooth during past root canal treatment

How is Internal Bleaching Done?

If your dentist thinks you are a good candidate for internal bleaching, they'll start by taking X-rays of your mouth and performing a comprehensive exam. Then, they'll drill a small hole in the back of the affected tooth and remove any debris that's present.

Bleach crystals will be placed inside the tooth and the tooth will be temporarily sealed - bleaching may take as little as 30 minutes or 1-2 weeks depending on severity. After the determined amount of bleaching time, your dentist will reexamine your smile and either reperform bleaching or remove the bleach crystals and permanently fill and reseal your tooth.

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